One for the Road

Just when I thought it would take another lifetime to get published again, God, in His infinite mercy, smiled at me by way of my two chance encounters with 2 PhDs last December 2017.

This article was inspired by my attendance in the “Calm in Chaos” seminar at the Ateneo Bulatao Centre.  I’ve been raring to know more about mindfulness and the 4-weekend learning sessions led by Dra. Gilda Dans-Lopez did not disappoint.  The seminar made so much impact in me, its follow-thru practically found its way in my bucket list.  More importantly, it moved me to set an appointment with Dra. Dans-Lopez one Friday afternoon to inquire about possibilities to grow further in my understanding and appreciation for mindfulness.

This is what came out of that providential chat.

Many thanks, Dra. Gilda!