Why This Blog?

My wife who is also my chief blog editor shared this nice quote with me last night: “If you lose your why, you lose your way.” The first assignment of Blogging101 is an apt opportunity to revisit the why of this blog. In the About section of  this blog I initially  wrote that “Notes From My Music Room” (NFMMR) is meant to document my reflections on books, movies and music. This has since included running – a sport that is celebrated both implicitly and explicitly in books, movies and music.

Notwithstanding the expansion of my blog’s focal points, the above preamble to NFMMR still holds true to this day. What I did not articulate then was what compelled me to invest in a WordPress-powered blog. I owe it all to individuals I accidentally met who wittingly or unwittingly encouraged me to write and improve and then write some more.  It is unfortunate that with the creation of one’s blog comes “the pressure” to advertise to create blog traffic.  While such is a nice thing to enjoy, one must not lose sight of what is ultimately essential and primary – to improve, to develop and to grow.

Thank you, WordPress for this opportunity.


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